About Our Farm

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Organic Almond Farming- Good For Your Health, Good For Our Planet

We are a small family farm, working to help our beautiful planet by practicing organic, bee friendly farming techniques to produce the sweetest, healthiest raw almonds available. Our 27 acre, fourth generation, certified organic almond orchard is located in Chico, CA. We farm and sell directly to you. Truly unpasteurized, certified organic almonds! We also sell certified organic, dry-roasted almond butter.


Bee Friendly Almond Farming

We are planting and helping native plants alongside our orchard to improve the biodiversity and habitat for bees and other pollinators. Beneficial insects have a hard time with mono-cropping, pesticides, and herbicides used by conventional farming. We do not till the soil at all and keep a year round ground cover of grass, clover, and happy dandelions under the almond trees. This preserves homes for ground nesting bees and also conserves water and prevents erosion. Our bees that are used for pollination come from a neighbor, not brought in from far away. Our beekeeper likes to use the native vegetation alongside our orchard to breed his queen bees long after the almonds have bloomed, because it is such good habitat for them.

Our Almond Orchard in Full Bloom
Our Organic Almond Orchard in Full Bloom

We are proud to be farming our almonds organically, without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides of any kind. Farming almonds this way is much more labor intensive, and the yield per acre is less than with conventional almonds. Instead of using chemical fertilizers, which are often sprayed directly on the bees and other insects, we are building the topsoil each year by spreading literally tons of high quality, organic compost. This feeds the trees naturally and promotes a healthy, living soil full of beneficial micro-organisms, worms, mushrooms, and insects which don’t survive in soils low in organic matter and exposed to chemicals.

In addition, almonds are harvested off of the ground, so weed control is essential to farming them. Most orchards mow between the rows of trees, and strip-spray the rows with herbicides, where they can’t mow. Even so-called “no spray” almond orchards are strip sprayed to control weeds where the tractors can’t mow or disk. To clear the strips organically, without spaying, we have to use flaming to burn the weeds with a torch. This is a very slow process, and has to be done much more often than with herbicides. Because strip spraying with herbicides is fast and easy compared to flaming, it is done in almost every almond orchard that isn’t certified organic. Buying certified organic almonds is the only way to know for sure that they are grown without chemicals of any kind. And buying almonds direct from the farmer is the only way to know if your almonds are unpasteurized and truly raw.